Metabolic Balancing

Metabolic Balancing is a unique system of nutritional analysis based on the premise that there is no one diet that is right for everyone. Each of us is bio-chemically unique, but within that uniqueness certain patterns of commonality emerge that we refer to as the Metabolic Types.

Metabolic Balancing is a fusion of two systems of metabolic analysis: the Oxidative (or energy generating) and the Autonomic (or energy regulating). The basic premise is that one or the other of these two systems (the Oxidative or the Autonomic) will be more dominant in controlling a person's metabolism. The Metabolic Balancing Protocol seeks to identify: 1) which system is dominant in any individual; and 2) which of two sub-types within that system characterizes the individual (Fast or Slow Oxidizer within the Oxidative system, and Sympathetic or Parasympathetic within the Autonomic system)

The reason that it is important to know the dominance system is that foods have opposite pH effects in members of the two dominance systems.

After identifying the correct dominance system and Metabolic Type, the Metabolic Balancing practitioner uses dietary modification to optimize blood pH and balance the individual’s metabolism, thereby improving energy levels, stabilizing weight, and helping the body become more resistant to disease.