Regulat® Pro Bio is a fresh, whole food concentrate made with cascade-fermentation from organic fruits, nuts and vegetables. Live Cascade Fermentation is a patented, dynamic fermentation process that takes several weeks and uses strains of lactic acid bacteria to release phyto-, micro and other nutrients from the plants.

The process of fermentation used is referred to as a single cascade system, developed and patented in Germany by Dr. Niedermaier Pharma, in which lactobacteria are added to stimulate the initial breakdown of the ingredients. The mixture then undergoes a cascading series of partial filtrations and separations. At each separation stage, part of the mixture is filtered out and part receives more lactobacteria to facilitate further breakdown. All the factions are combined in the end, resulting in an undiluted mixture with a full range of short chain peptides and amino acids from the various stages which are easily absorbed through the mucous membrane it helps boost energy and vitality by supplying rich, whole food nutrients to the cells.