Welcome To Charny Healing Center

For over 20 years Charny Healing Center has been on the forefront of integrative medicine using a variety of complimentary, alternative and conventional diagnostic techniques and therapies.

Our health model is individualized, holistic medicine aimed at finding and treating the causes of disease and working with the inherent healing powers of the body to recover from illness and imbalance.

The diagnostic and treatment methods include Applied Kinesiology, Autonomic Response Testing, Metabolic Personalized Nutrition and the most advanced laboratory-testing technologies to best assess your individual biochemistry.

Through assessing the intricate and complex interplay of the different levels of your health we can develop a customized treatment that include structural, energetic, bio-molecular and psycho-emotional balancing to bring longevity and wellbeing to your life.

We are not just interested in alleviating your symptoms, but rather understanding and addressing the underlying cause of your health concerns as most diseases are caused by the interplay of genetic, biochemical, nutritional, environmental and psycho-social factors.

Whether you have a health issue or you are generally healthy and are looking to maximize your energy, all treatments at Charny Healing Center are designed to create optimal wellbeing and stimulate the self-healing processes of the body.